Chief Executive Officer

Avery Franzblau is a compensation, taxation, and accounting specialist at PwC and a Society of Actuaries associateship candidate. She leads various aspects of PwC’s Earn Your Future program, a commitment to improving financial literacy.
avery@valuedphila.org  |  LinkedIn


Scott Elfenbein

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Elfenbein is an MBA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University. His work in the hospitality industry has focused on global revenue models that maximize pricing efficiency.
scott@valuedphila.org  |  LinkedIn


Rebecca Umbach

Chief Strategy Officer

Rebecca Umbach is a doctoral candidate in Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work looks at the negative effects of incarceration using psychological data collected from youth incarcerated at Rikers Island Jail.
 becky@valuedphila.org  |  LinkedIn


Eileen Norton

Chief Operations Officer

Eileen Norton is a management consultant at IBM specializing in business strategy and operations projects. She has experience in helping Fortune 500 companies identify strategies to support business growth and streamline operational processes.
eileen@valuedphila.org  |  LinkedIn